I'm Megan

If you are here visiting my page, you are about to celebrate something fantastically wonderful in your life….an engagement, a wedding, a milestone, or a Tuesday…..all things I love!

I fell in love with wedding photography when I was 12 years old. I watched my aunt, a professional wedding photographer, shoot my cousins wedding, and I knew right then and there photography was my career. The laughter, the love, the beauty, all of it! 


Photographing your love story is what i'm all about, no matter how your story started, if your LGBTQ or BIPOC, love is love, and I can't wait to connect and get to you know!

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Fun facts about me

1 - I'm a huge music fan! Anything from 80's classics to 90's hip hop, and even some current stuff. Music just sets the mood, I try to use it in my sessions to clear away some of the awkward silences. 

2 - Beers please. My favourite weekend activity is explore breweries and/or wineries. It's relaxing to sit out on a patio and enjoy a cold drink, and some sunshine

3 - Trekkie for life. When I was a teen my dad and I watched the series finale of Star Trek Voyager, and I was completely hooked. Captain Janeway will forever be my hero! 

4 - I tend to be a little loud sometimes. I get really excited about life and being creative!

5 - Sarcasm isn't lost on me, I love making people laugh, and I like to think I have a pretty good sense of humour! As you can see from my video above.

Let's Be Friends!