I'm Megan

If you are here visiting my page, you are about to celebrate something fantastically wonderful in your life….an engagement, a wedding, a milestone, or a Tuesday…..all things I love!

I fell in love with wedding photography when I was 12 years old. I watched my aunt, a professional wedding photographer, shoot my cousins wedding, and I knew right then and there photography was my career. The laughter, the love, the beauty, all of it! 


Photographing your love story is what i'm all about, no matter how your story started, or what your structure is, love is love, and I can't wait to connect and get to you know!


Fun facts about me

1 - Music, music, music! I'm a huge rap fan, but I just love music in general. I bring a portable speaker, and my Spotify to every photoshoot, including weddings! Silence is boring an awkward, lets dance it out!

2 - Beers please. My favourite weekend activity is explore breweries and/or wineries. It's fun finding new yummy delicious beverages, and unique places to hang out. 

3 - Trekkie for life. When I was a teen my dad and I watched the series finale of Star Trek Voyager, and I was completely hooked. Captain Janeway will forever be my hero! 

4 - I'm not quiet. If you've ever been in a room with me, you will know first hand that the murderer is going to find me first. I am loud as fuck, but I find this comes in handy on your wedding day! 

5 - Sarcasm isn't lost on me, or lost at all. In fact i don't know how else to communicate. I also love making people laugh, and it's usually at the expense of myself. 

and Adventure

If you follow me on social media, you'll know how much I enjoy sharing my adventures. Travel is a big part of who I am, I love exploring new places! Travelling to photograph weddings might be my favourite part of my job.

If you're planning a wedding outside of the Lower Mainland or Fraser Valley, I offer great destination wedding packages for with in Canada, as well as abroad. 

Bucket List Locations

England - Denmark - Paris - Italy - Greece - Oregon Coast - New Orleans - Alaska


Nova Scotia - Banff - Jasper - Lake Louise - Niagra Falls - Tofino - Long Beach  


LEt's be friends

I am so grateful to do something I love. For the last 10 years, I have grown and challenged myself to consistently deliver interesting, unique and untraditional shots. I have captured thousands of memories and the greatest honour is to know I have captured your special occasion in the spirit you wanted to captured AND you don’t just like the final product, you LOVE it!


Adventure is my peanut butter and creativity is my jam. If you think we might be a fit, I would love to connect. Reach out to me and we can connect over a coffee…or adult beverage (wink, wink) and go from there!

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Let's Be Friends!


Email - meganashleycreative@outlook.com

Phone - 604-802-0064

#209 33870 Fern St Abbotsford B.C