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Christmas of 2018 was the start of a yearly Christmas tradition. I cleaned the house top to bottom, pulled out the Christmas tree and all the decorations, got the house all ready for Christmas with the exception of the Christmas tree. This was no longer my domain, it was all up to the two tiny humans I created!

Last year was the first Christmas since my divorce, and starting new traditions was part of the healing process. Starting small was key, and letting go of my control over all things Christmas was not easy. Even though I still move an ornament or two.... sssshhhh.

Once were ready, I pull out a bottle of wine, sit on the couch and watch my kids decorate. It's actually quiet relaxing... NOT. But my kids really enjoy being a part of decorating, and now my son asks every morning "Is it Christmas yet or no?"

I also had a big debate this year, seeing as its my first Christmas in this apartment, as to the location of said Christmas Tree. My boyfriend and I had a disagreement on it's set up destination. So I put out a vote to my friends and family on my personal Facebook page, and lone behold, he won. To the right of the TV it went.

I'm a little obsessed with my little space, and very happy with my festive choices. Check out some photos, and a little video from our afternoon of Christmas activities.

Here is a little time lapse I put together, just to see all the craziness! Wait to the end, the kids do the cutest thing ever <3


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