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I included an engagement session in all my wedding packages because it gives me the opportunity to show you how much fun we're going to have on your wedding day! Seriously though, when you hear "engagement session" I feel like clients cringe at the thought of having to be some formal in front of a camera. But i'm here to tell you, that it's the total opposite!

I would love to replace the term "engagement session" with this "Documented date night"

Sounds so much better doesn't it? Because that is what we do, we plan a fun date night, and I document it for you.

Getting to know you and your partner is a big part of what helps me document you best! Even if it's your wedding day, engagement session, or any photo session really! So I have a few steps to help make things the most fun possible!

#1 Client Questionnaire - When we first book you in I send over a questionnaire full of things like, what is your fav drink, or what kind of music do you like to listen too. Do you have a pet, and how did you meet etc! This really helps me fine tune where to book your session, who's coming with, and what I should bring as props!

#2 Booking the location - The location of your document date night is crucial to helping you feel relaxed. Picking a private spot, or a favourite spot helps you feel comfortable and relaxed. It's familiar, and if it's private property, or an isolated spot, you wont have a bunch of strangers watching you make out. I even love going to someones house and documenting a date night in! You could bake cookies, play video games, or really anything!!

#3 Props - I like to included drinks, or coffees, or any snack or treat that you both enjoy. Picnics are also a fun thing to do! You could pick up take out from your fav restaurant. Music is a must at sessions, it keeps the awkward silence too minimal! ( I get your playlist in your questionnaire ). A new item i've been brining is my Polaroid camera, it's fun to hand it off and let you take photos of each other <3

#4 Liquid courage - If having dinner and drinks first helps you relax, then go for it! Sometimes a drink with your love can help you relax <3

My biggest piece of advice is to remember you're with the love of your life and best friend, if you ever feel awkward, just know they're also feeing awkward, but you get to be that way together! It also passes really fast, and then you're laughing your butt off!

Even if you aren't engaged, you can still book in a documented date night session! These are just fun ways to slow down, reconnect with your partner, and then relive it over and over through your images!

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