Laurel & Mike - Whiterock Engagement - Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Laurel contacted me only a few weeks prior to her destination wedding, inquiring about doing an engagement session! Her future mother in law wanted to gift them something fun, and they went with a date night on the beach, with me the photographer in tow!

I had suggested Blackie Spit Park, as it tends to have more options than just the beach, and we figured being so late on a Sunday evening it wouldn't be busy. We were wrong, but thankfully we found a nice little spot, and once we started shooting, folks were really good about keeping their distance.

It being such a hot day, these two spent most of their shoot in the water! Even with mike in his jeans, he didn't care. He was only focused on Laurel. These two have an amazing connection, and it was obvious right from the start. These two have had a long journey together, and they made it official just two weeks after this shoot on the sunshine coast.

Working as a wedding photographer, I get to meet such amazing couples, and really get to know them! We hadn't had the opportunity to mean before their session, but it felt like hanging out with old friends. Splashing in the water, dancing on the beach, and who's better and what games! Turns out Laurel is really good at a lot of things <3

We hung out until sunset, and just enjoyed the company. These kind of sessions are what make me fall in love with my job as a wedding photographer over and over again. Just pure true love <3

If you're looking for a super fun person to take on date night, who just happens to be a killer wedding photographer, hit me up! I shoot weddings and engagement sessions all over the lower mainland, Fraser Valley, pretty much anywhere! Especially if there's water!

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