• Megan Faber

Stave Lake Engagement Session

Updated: 5 days ago

Adventuring we will go! When Sarah first asked me to include Raul's boat in their engagement session I was so stoked to do so! But what I didn't realize is that we would end up exploring this beautiful boat access only Island! In between Mission and Maple Ridge is a very large lake called Stave Lake. It's mostly known for off-roading spots, and excellent camping. But we found this gem of a spot nestled just off the shoreline. These two cuddle up, drank beers, and laughed while we waited for sunset. Sunset is pretty special to these two, Raul proposed at sunset, in the same spot he had shared the same sunset years prior over a photo message a few weeks after they started dating. In just over 6 months these two are tying the knot! Look for this session featured on "How they Asked" at the end of October.

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