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to Your dslr


A 2 hour hands on workshop that teaches you the basics of  manual mode on your DSLR. Learn how to properly expose and compose your images. Course covers the exposure triangle, lenses, white balance and has open

Q & A. 

This is also offered in a one on one private session, or can be scheduled with a group of friends! Have your friends over for a wine night and learn how to use your cameras! 

 and posing

Hands on class focusing on natural light and how to use it. How to pose and direct your subjects, and create fun and genuine images. 

We interact with models, in locations that will challenge you, and give you the tools to make the best choices when it comes to composing an image. 




I offer editing class to a private one on one basis. We create. your style, your own presets, and an editing workflow that works for you. 

I also have a facebook group, with basic uploading and use of lightroom tutorials.

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