Imagine this, you're sitting in a room full of people you love celebrating 50  years of marriage. 

You reach forward, picking up a worn and well-loved book. It's your wedding album, a well-loved piece of your history. You crack it open, and it smells like home. You look to the first page and chuckle; it's a photo of your spouse with much less grey hair. Photograph after photograph you relive all the moments of your wedding day. Your parents, friends, siblings, they're all in there. Page by page you are transported back to that day. A song comes on, the song you danced to for the first time as partners for life, you close the album and hold it tightly to your body, forever grate full for these documented memories. 


Hey There!

I'm Megan, the exuberant and inclusive human being behind the camera!​ I love connecting with people, dancing around my house to all kinds of music, and making people genuinely belly laugh (you've been warned). 

I'm currently searching for the perfect home in Abbotsford B.C, it's a crazy ride! I also have two amazing kiddos who are just as wild and adventurous as me. 

If you're looking for a standard portrait photographer, I may not be the peanut butter to your jelly sandwich, and thats ok! Learn more about me and my approach to your wedding day!



Megan photographed our elopement and was so incredible to work with! She is a kind and patient person - who is also really fun and energetic! My husband and I would highly recommend her to anyone getting married! We just got our sneak peek photos and they are gorgeous! She totally captured the mood and vibe that we were seeking! Our friends and family were in awe and have continued to provide us with compliments - all thanks to Megan's eye behind the camera! She is so talented and you can tell that she finds true passion in her craft!


Thank you again Megan!!!!

Daniella & Mark 

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