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I'm Megan, a fun and inclusive         wedding photographer from Abbotsford B.C!


I started on this photography journey because I love to make people smile! Having a passion for laughter is what helps me create a fun and relaxed environment for my clients. A photo session with me is just like a fun date night, where I'm third wheeling it. 

I service all of the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver area, but I also LOVE to explore, and will travel anywhere in the world for a wedding. 



Abbotsford B.C.

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We were in Costa Rica , went to the beach with some beers and a blanket to watch the sunset. Raul knows how much I love sunsets and 4 years previous Raul took a timelapse video of a sunset for me.So he purposes at sunset on the beach in Costa Rica. Total surprise, he waited till day 4 to purpose so I truly never expected it. Raul had the ring in OUR house for months leading up to this and he had it all planned out and was beyond excited that everyone had seen my ring before we even got engaged lol.

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Abbotsford B.C.